Original quilted photo album cover created using lots of 1-inch squares in the bridal couple’s colors combined with a silhouette cut-out and hand embroidered lettering.

Project Status: Completed

Started: January 4, 2019

Completed: March 13, 2019

Project Type: Album/Book Cover

Finished Dimensions: Approx 26 inches wide x 13 inches tall (unfolded)

Purpose: Gift

Techniques: Machine Quilting, Machine Piecing, Hand Embroidery, Raw Edge Applique

Design Source: Myself


Cotton Quilting Fabric

Other Notions & Supplies

Warm & Soft Quilt Batting
Thread by Aurifill and Sulky Metallic

Project Notes

I designed this album cover as a gift for my brother and his bride.

The colors are pulled from their wedding party and the silhouette of the couple was created using clip art found online. The edges of the applique were stitched with a satin stitch, as well as the outer edges of the heart for added emphasis. I also added the hand-embroidered lettering (this was before I learned how to use my embroidery sewing machine). The quilting is all done using straight lines with my walking foot and my standard sewing machine. For the swirls coming off of the veil, I used a metallic thread.

I created the cover by piecing the outside cover, then sandwiching it with batting and a lining and doing the quilting.That was then stitched to an inside pocket that only covers about half of front and back covers. The edges were then finished by adding standard binding. This way,. the cover slips on the album and can be removed.

Other Information

The photo album was purchased at Amazon: Pioneer High Capacity 5-Up Photo Album 12″X12″ 500 Pockets-Black & Beige (https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-Capacity-Photo-Album-Pockets-Black/dp/B002FXJ5T2/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=Pioneer+High+Capacity+5-Up+Photo+Album+12%22X12%22+500+Pockets-Black+%26+Beige&qid=1553701551&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull)

Entry Last Updated 03/27/2019

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