About Quilter’s Logbook

Have you ever wished you had a photo of that beautiful quilt or other handmade treasure you made and gave away?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ongoing record of all of the projects you’ve completed? One that is easy to maintain and even easier to share?

Would you like to be able to see information about all of your projects in one convenient place, all organized and accessible at the touch of a mouse? Notes about what you did or changes you made to that pattern, ideas for making the next time around even better, resources or tips that came in handy along the away?

Have you thought about starting a project album but for whatever reason have never gotten around to doing so?

If any of the above speaks to you, then you are in the right place!

As a lifelong crafter and serial project-started, I’ve created many items over the years, many of which I only remember when a photo or comment from someone else triggers my recall. I’ve often thought it would be great to have a record of all of those projects … but like many of you, have never “gotten around” to starting the documentation process.

I’ve had lots of “reasons” for not getting started … not wanting to take time away from my sewing and crafting, not sure where to start, too much of a perfectionist to put things down on paper than aren’t easy to change, too much hassle getting photos printed, or even just forgetting to snap a photo at all in the hurry of sending that creation off to its final destination … the list goes on and on.

But when the quilting bug hit in the winter of 2018 and a flurry of projects in all stages soon followed, including a newfound obsession with applique, machine embroidery, quilting in the hoop and more, I decided it was time to get serious about documenting my process. I wanted a way to track and remember all of the fun new projects I was spending hours designing and creating.

And with that, Quilter’s Logbook was born.

I am personally using this online journaling system in combination with my quilting and design business, Loopsy Daisy Studio, to track and share my own quilting and sewing-related projects. I would love for you to join me in the process!

Feel free to check out the projects in the Project Gallery and leave a comment on a post or two if something special catches your attention. And if you feel inspired to start your own Project Logbook, you are invited to do so … you can check out the options for getting started on the Sign Up page.

Thanks so much for stopping by … feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or comments you’d like to share!

Happy Quilting!

Kristin Rutten
Quilter’s Logbook & Loopsy Daisy Studio

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